There are a variety of barbecue and cooking station options available in the landscaping industry. Everything has been designed specifically for you, from the type of material for your counter to the design of the tabletops. Makeover the backyard to create an area that fits your way of living. Every aspect of it, from throwing parties for friends to spending time with family, may be tailored to your utmost comfort. And to be honest, one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is probably choosing the ideal serving counter and BBQ pit.

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Do you want to construct a bar and a B.B.Q. in Dubai? When planning an occasion or celebration in Dubai, keep in mind that bar-b-q countertops are highly sought after, and most event coordinators encourage people from all over the world to acquire a bar counter in Dubai so they may host and serve their guests. The good news is that people wishing to buy a bar counter can have their needs met by a number of eateries in Dubai. You might find some useful suggestions in this page if you’re interested in learning how to get a bar counter in Dubai.

  • ¬†Hibachi outdoor grills
  • ¬†Cocktail counters
  • Single and double gas burners
  • OutDoor cooking areas with sinks
  • Ice boxes with proper drainage systems


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We provide landscape design, construction and maintenance services. We offer a variety of specific services including: Lawn & Garden, Synthetic Lawns, Artificial Grass, Pergola Supplies & Irrigation System..

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for all the services we provide in UAE…

Yes, our design team provides custom landscape designs (CAD). We also offer 3D rendering services to help you easily visualize your project before a shovel ever touches dirt.

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