Artificial Grass in Dubai: All You Need to Know for an Alluring House Lawn

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It’s finally time for you to move into your ideal house! The inside, as well as the outside, have been decorated. In the garden, though, something is lacking. It’s that green tinge that takes months to develop. What would you do in this situation? If you ask any gardener in Dubai for a solution to this problem, they will tell you that artificial grass is the best option.

What exactly is Artificial grass?

It’s just synthetic fiber that’s been dyed to seem like genuine grass. Artificial grass, sometimes known as fake grass, was first utilized in sports stadiums and commercial structures, but it is also frequently used in home gardens. Because fake grass resembles carpet, any material that is used to produce carpets, such as nylon, jute, or polyester, may be used to make it. The background is made of polyester Tyre cord, while the grass is made of nylon and polypropylene.

Artificial grass has a number of advantages over natural grass.

There are several advantages to utilizing artificial grass in Dubai over natural grass, particularly when living in a country like the UAE.

  1. Summers in Dubai can be scorching, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius. Natural grass, even if watered twice or three times a day, will not be able to withstand the Dubai summer. Installing synthetic grass in your yard, which stays fresh throughout the year, is a much more sustainable way to conserve water (and lower your DEWA cost).
  2. Periodic mowing is essential to keep natural grass in good condition. This necessitates the usage of carbon-emitting lawn mowers, which pollute the environment. The usage of artificial grass in Dubai might help to minimize pollution to a great amount.
  3. A swimming pool may be found in many villas in Dubai. Artificial grass surrounding the pool helps eliminate muddy patches while maintaining a perfect appearance in your garden.
  4. Maintaining a healthy lawn might be challenging if you have children at home. The grass may not grow in particular areas of the garden due to regular use. Any irregularities in the lawn can be hidden by carefully laid out artificial grass. You can seek the aid of landscaping firms in Dubai to professionally patch up those places.

How do you put Artificial Grass in place?

Here are some steps where we will discuss placing Artificial Grass on your lawn.

  1. First, level the area where the grass will be planted and eliminate any flaws, such as old grass and rocks. Walking over the area will compress any loose soil.
  2. No extra drainage is needed if the earth beneath absorbs water. A drainage system should be constructed beforehand if the artificial grass is placed over a concrete or cement floor. Due to the lower rainfall in Dubai, a little drainage gap will suffice. This is something that your plumber should be able to assist you with.
  3. Create a boundary around the projected lawn area to prevent the artificial grass from being separated over time.
  4. Create a foundation with crushed rock or gravel. Smooth out the foundation using a landscaping rake. After the base has been set, wet it with a garden hose and compact it with a compactor.
  5. Using a carpet cutter, roll out the artificial grass and measure and cut it into the desired form. To attach two strips of grass, use an adhesive. Fix landscaping anchor pins around the lawn’s perimeter to keep the grass in the place.
  6. Brush the grass blades up to keep them upright. The yard should be watered.

Artificial grass installation in Dubai necessitates a significant amount of time and expertise. Even if most of the materials are readily available, it takes a considerable effort to set them out in a way that will last for a long time.

Professional firms enter the scene at this point. In Dubai, there are several artificial Grass Providing businesses that provide this service at low prices. You can get an estimate from them right here on our website, and we’ll take care of the landscaping so you may have your ideal garden. For any Queries contact us right now.


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