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What Is Garden Design And How Our Garden Designing Services Can Help You ?

Garden Design refers to an art form and method of creating and designing plans for the layout and planting of landscapes and gardens. Garden design may be completed by the gardener themselves or by professionals with different levels of expertise and experience. Garden design can be carried out by professionals with expertise in different levels of design, including landscape architects, landscape designers, horticulturalists and arborists.

An attractive garden design can create pleasant outdoor spaces for happiness and peace. Our garden designers can assist you in making the garden you’ve always dreamed of creating and shaping your plans into a meaningful and organized program that fits your available space and your family’s interests and demands.

The garden designer works with the property owner to demonstrate their interests and preferences, but the owner makes the ultimate choice. The owner selects the design, budget, theme, features, and characteristics to include and the materials and plants that will give his garden a unique and intriguing appearance.

Our experience with various gardening projects means that you will receive expert design services that will exceed your expectations.

Creating A Garden Style, Flawing It, And Then Scaling It Is Our Main Priority.


Each garden has its unique style or personality.

We’ll work together to create the perfect landscape for you. For instance, you want your garden to look like a Japanese garden or any other type. We’ll be able to create it for you to your specs. We have had a team of professionals in the landscaping industry for decades, and they’re experts at what they do. They can help you develop different designs based on what’s best for your needs. For example, do you like your garden to appear formal or casual? The designer will consider your backyard, the design of your home, and your personal preferences to create an area that is seamlessly integrated with your life.

If you’ve traveled and wish to integrate your vacation experiences into any topic you’re looking for, Then Al Musthafa Landscape garden design services are for you. We’ll take your thoughts and incorporate them into a coherent plan that is suitable for your needs.


A garden appears better with a planned succession from one section to the next. Our garden designer will help you determine what you want to view and how you want to walk around your garden. They are simply one of the methods to connect diverse garden components to create the illusion of harmony and order.

A sculpture, a water feature, a unique plant, or a spectacular view from a window or sliding doors might all be used to catch our attention and transport us to another area.


The size of any beautiful garden is determined by proportions, how the different dimensions and shapes connect to each other. A three-by-six-foot island bed floating in a little birth would be totally out of proportion. A modest Bottle Palm tree in front of a two-story colonial house would be the same.

Providing the best garden design services in dubai.

Our garden design skills is well-known across UAE. We’re not solely just a “lawncare”, “maintenance”, “hardscaping” or “softscaping” company, as are the majority of our competitors which are not designers at all. We provide a cohesive and fully integrated landscaping design plans that encompass every aspect such as furniture and plants, as well as planters, and customized work that makes it feel like an extension to your house.

We are experts with the planning and construction of terraces, roof gardens and backyards, townhouse garden containers, courtyards and common space garden.

We elevate the outdoor experience to new heights.

Al Musthafa Landscape has provided garden design services for commercial and residential landscapes and outdoor living solutions for a very long time. Al Musthafa Landscape provides garden design services in Dubai and the whole UAE, but we aren’t only limited to Garden Design. We also offer outdoor & Indoor Services, irrigation, outdoor building, outdoor kitchens, landscaping, outdoor lighting, and water features.

From the initial consultation to the design and installation of your landscape,  Al Musthafa Landscape garden design services can help design a layout that will meet your wants, requirements, and desires and create a stunning landscape that you can take pleasure in for many years to come. Apart from creating an attractive outdoor space surrounding you, you’ll enhance the worth of your home!

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Key Benefits of Service

Whatever the style or theme, be it a traditional herbaceous border, native, prairie, Mediterranean, woodland, cottage style, meadows, low maintenance, water and bog, minimalist, exotics, specific color schemes, containers, or edible gardens, we produce simple, easy to follow scale planting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people spend a great deal on their homes yet neglect one of their greatest assets, their garden. An attractive, well-designed garden is an investment as it provides lasting pleasure and can add value to your property.
The expenditure is largely in the creation of the hard landscaping – the paving, decking, pergolas and walls all soak up contractor days and materials. Any landscaping costs will be comparable to any other building project. While it is not possible to pare down the day-rate of a landscaper, it is possible to make the design faster to implement. This is where it pays to engage the services of a garden designer.
Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a garden novice, a good designer will suggest ideas you haven’t thought of yourself. They should be able to come up with a scheme that works both practically and aesthetically, and is tailored to your needs and site.

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