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If your marble tile has faded and you are wondering how to restore them, we are here to help tile marble fixing company in Dubai. As you may not know, marble is a natural stone and when it is exposed to the air, it ages and develops an uneven color. Most companies that sell marble tiles also sell other products that will help in restoring your marble tile to its former glory. There are many different products out there but if you are interested in using one of these products to help restore your tiles, you need to know the steps on how to restore your marble to its former glory.


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We answer the call to provide quality professional results for stone restoration. This involves the implementation of the correct cleaning and problem-solving techniques for issues with stone and tile installation(floors, countertops, walls) for deep cleaning, stain removal, or application of sealers for the protection of natural stone while taking care to avoid long term side effects on the finish of the stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can explain why a stone may continue to fade even after installation in an area void of natural sunlight. UV rays will fade colours in stone that have an organic (from plants and animals) component in their coloration. Black marble, travertine and limestone can all be altered this way.
The Power of Sunlight.Any Natural stone will fade if it is left out in direct sunlight, yet it will take a lot of years to do so. Sunlight is composed of a mixture of different radiations
Excessive tilling can lead to compacted soil and poor garden production. Do not start to plant right away. Leave the soil alone for a day or two so any compost, organic materials or soil enhancements have time to decompose and provide nutrients into the soil.

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